Tempietto Panama Finca Hartmann Lot #185 Coffee


1 full pound of freshly roasted whole coffee beans.

Curated especially for Philbrook.

This Panamanian coffee has tasting notes of sweet chocolate, malted barley, almonds, and ripe cantaloupe, and is made up of both Caturra and Catuai varieties. Both are excellent coffees that provide nice sweetness in the cup and showcase the hard work and intention that Finca Hartmann puts into the quality of their coffees.

This is a washed coffee, which refers to the method of preparing the coffee cherries to be milled and dried. After ripe cherries are picked, they have the skins removed, leaving behind the flesh and the seed of the fruit. The pulped coffee cherries are then fermented for a specific amount of time before having the outer layer washed away. The remaining coffee beans are then taken for milling and drying before being packaged.

Freshly roasted each week, locally by DoubleShot Coffee.

1-pound bag