Tempietto Honey Lot #138 Coffee


1 full pound of freshly roasted whole coffee beans.

Curated especially for Philbrook.

Hand-crafted, single origin micro-lot coffee from the family-owned and operated specialty Hartmann grower in Panama. 100% Caturra with tasting notes of graham cracker, panela, and aromatic tobacco.

This year’s selection is a honey coffee. The method of honey-pressed coffee differs after the skin of the cherry is removed. These pulped beans, still covered in their sticky layer of miel, are taken directly to raised beds with perforated screens to be dried in the sun. This slow methodical drying method creates a different array of aromatics and flavors than what you would find in wet-pressed coffees.

Freshly roasted each week, locally by DoubleShot Coffee.

1-pound bag