Amur Amour

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Artist: Jasmine Jones 
City of Residence: Midwest City
Year Completed: 2020
Medium: Watercolor, acrylic, golden leaf, and ink on wood
Dimensions: 10"x 10"x 1.5"
Instagram: artof.jasmine
"As an artist who often thinks about and is always looking for magic hidden in plain sight, koi fish have been a fresh but influential subject in my work. In creating koi fish I hold in mind their beauty and symbolism of good luck – sowing seeds of those qualities for myself as well as the work’s audience."


“'Amur Amour' was created primarily using watercolor on wood – a process I’ve recently gravitated and clung onto. When looking at this piece from certain angles, puddles of gold leaf glow to transform the fish. The sides of “Amur Amour” mimic the movement, weight, and influence of water and life. I see this piece as a koi in its own personal and special tranquil biome, carrying its valuable qualities to share with those who view it. Magic we can gather for ourselves."
-Jasmine Jones
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