Enchanted Dance

Artist: Katherine Liontas-Warren
City of Residence: Cache Oklahoma and teaches at Cameron University in Lawton
Year Completed: 2020
Medium: Linoprint
Dimensions: 24 x 18
Instagram: k.liontaswarrenartist


"Enchanted Dance is a linocut. The process of Linocut involves carving a linoleum matrix with carving tools. Once the linoleum is hand carved, the matrix is rolled up with ink and placed on a hand press machine.  An impression is made in reverse and the image is printed as an edition. This print has an edition of 8 on white archival paper and 8 on cream archival paper. The ink is archival too. The print is 24 x 18 inches. This print is not a reproduction as it was hand drawn, hand carved, and hand printed by myself."
-Katherine Liontas-Warren
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