Koi Pond

Artist: Karen St.Clair
City of Residence: Sperry
Year Completed: 2020
Medium: Oil
Dimensions: 36" × 48"
Instagram: @karen.st.clair.art
"My paintings are an attempt to capture and record my surroundings. This painting is the result of a trip to the zoo a few years ago. The koi pond was a huge circular pond that had an overlook. I remember standing there snapping multiple photos of the constantly swirling multi-colored fish suspended in the water. There was a good amount of fallen leaves and surface reflections as well. My goal was to interpret the movement if possible on a 2D surface. I began my process in acrylic and finished it in oil. I hoped to create an image that provides viewers with new discoveries every time they see it. I've had significant positive feedback from people with this painting, and decided to have it scanned and I can provide archival prints."

"This is a view of a koi pond from above showing the continual motion and variety of colors in koi.
Unstretched giclee prints are available on archival paper or canvas for 36×48-$500, 16×20-$250."
-Karen St.Clair
After purchase, you will be contacted by the artist to arrange and pay for shipping.