With a Little Thought and Consideration

Artist: Denise Duong
City of Residence: Oklahoma City
Year Completed: 2020
Medium: Acrylic, paper, watercolor, on canvas and resin
Dimensions: 36"x 48"
Instagram: lildfromokc

"A piece created with the planet and mother earth on my mind.  The idea that we coexist with one another, nature and humans.  We take and take, thus the need to put some thought and consideration of what has been happening in this world.  We have climate change affecting every part of the world, we have a virus currently taking over the world.  To love her, she will love us back. To appreciate what we have enables us to love what and care for what we have.

This painting is created with acrylic, the small figures and the main figure's skin is made with water color on paper."
-Denise Duoung
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