Annual Festival Pin 2023

7963-2023P $28.00

Created exclusively for The Shop at Philbrook.

Amy Sanders de Melo is a Colombian-American artist and educator living and working in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As an artist with vision and hearing loss, Amy strives to create work that speaks to the resiliency of the human spirit. Using Braille as a way of telling stories on her wheel-thrown porcelain pieces, these hand-textured Braille messages encourage reflection on one’s own humanity, and necessity of empathy and empowerment for individuals.

Our 2023 Festival Tree Pin features 14K gold hand-textured “Philbrook” Braille on glazed porcelain.

Porcelain tree pin with 14K gold accents 

"Philbrook" in Braille

Safety pin backing

Packaged with gift box including artisan card

*Please note there will be variations in the product as each piece is handmade and one-of-a-kind. The 2023 design has unique color combinations, which are displayed in this feature. If you have a preference of colors or see that some colors are sold out, please email your request or call us at 918-748-5304 and we will hand-select a pin just for you.