Wooden Frog Croaking Musical Instrument


Create unique music with our fair trade wooden frog! Use the playing stick along the raised spine to make croaking/rasp sounds. Hand-carved and crafted in Thailand, these eco-friendly frogs are beautifully made and no two are alike! 

Wooden hand-carved frog with a playing stick

Available in Jumbo 8", Medium 4", and Mini 1.5"

The bigger the frog, the deeper the croaking ribbit sound

Crafted eco-friendly, and fair trade from Thailand*

Every frog is unique, as it is hand-carved. Shades of wood may also vary.

*Fair Trade and ethically sourced products ensure prices are fair to the artisan/producer and make every effort to have a conscientious business practice where artisans, customers, and employees feel they are a part of a beneficial/effective circle of trade.