Bouquet of the Week Subscription

by Philbrook Museum Shop

This product is out of stock, but you can still order it.

Philbrook is offering our popular Community Supported Bouquet Program again this coming year before the Spring/Summer 2023 growing season begins. What a wonderful gift for yourself or others. Sign up now and reserve your space for our premium, handcrafted bouquets, freshly cut from Philbrook Gardens weekly.

  • 4 week Bouquet Share- $139
  • 8 week Bouquet Share- $279

A limited number of these pre-ordered lush European-style bouquets are available Fridays in the Museum Shop during the 2023 blooming season starting June 16 and continuing most Fridays until October 6th. Contact the Museum Shop 918 748-5304 or to reserve your dates.   

Your participation in this program helps to ensure naturally grown flowers and foliage are nurtured through sustainable practices to beautify Philbrook Gardens for all to enjoy.